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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Purple Twisted V neck Top

picture courtesy of Attires attic
selling in dark purple.

*back of the top is V neck*
*front is twisted*
*bought from attire's attic*

Item Name : Purple Twisted V neck Top
Colour : PURPLE

Size : fits S, M and L

Material :comfy Cotton.

Condition: Worn twice only. Excellent condition.

Price : RM15

NOW only RM10!


length: approx.19 inch
waist before stretch: approx. 12 inch

Status : Available

*on sale*

Friday, September 25, 2009

MNG 'The Killer Femme' Top

Item Name : MNG 'The Killer Femme' Top
Colour : Grey

Size : EUR M
(fits S,M)

Material : 100% cotton.

Made in Turkey

Condition: Used 5 times. Excellent condition!
Price : RM30! NOW only RM20

pit-to-pit: approx 15.5 inch
Length: approx. 19 inch

Status : Available

*on sale*

WH Shorts + Cropped Cardi

The cardigan actually is something like above.
Have stripes but is alternate solid with sheer blue.

Item Name : Electric Blue Cropped Hooded Cardi.
Colour : Electric Blue
Size : fits S and M
Material : Soft Cotton.
Condition: Used twice. Excellent condition!

Price :RM20. NOW only RM15

*to be upload*

Status : SOLD

*on sale*

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hoodies (price Revised)

Casual and oriental like hoodie. You can wear it to cinema, college, universities and other air-conditioned places as it keeps you warm! The string inside the hood can be tied into a ribbon just like the photo shown above. It's made out of suede material. Absolutely S-W-E-E-T!

Item Name : Le Ann Maxima Black Oriental Hoodie
Colour : Black
Size : M (fits L as well *depends*)
Material : Cotton
Condition: Never worn. Brand New. Excellent condition!
Price : RM35

Now only RM25 including postage!

sleeve length: approx. 23.5 inch
length: approx. 20.5 inch
pit-to-pit: approx. 17 inch

Status : Available

accessories (price Revised)

selling the far left 1.
the bl ack bangle

Item Name : Simple Black Bangle
Colour : Black
Material : Plastic
Condition: Brand new. Good condition!

Price : RM4

Status : Available

Item Name : Butterfly Necklace
Colour : Silver
Material : Stainless steel.
Condition: Used. Very good condition!
Price : RM7
Now only RM5!

Status : Available

Item Name : Smiley Chic Necklace
Material : Unsure. Steel perhaps.
Condition: Used. Still in a good condition!
Price : RM6
Now only RM4!

Status : Available

*bought this from Island shop in 1 utama*

Item Name : Bohemian Bangle
Colour : Multicolor
Material : Beads and sequins.
Condition: Brand new without tag. Excellent condition!

Price : RM10
Now only RM7!

Status : Available

*bought it from online blog*

Item Name : Faceted Black Bangle
Colour : Black
Material : Plastic
Condition: Brand new. Good condition!

Price : RM6
Now only RM4!

Status : Available

Friday, September 11, 2009


As you all may know by now,
Sensual-Touche has launched on 09/09/09!

Here's something you should know about this site:

Sensual-Touche is basically a blog shop selling lingerie and
imported beauty products.

Besides apparel, i think all girls should
stock up lingerie as well.
I'm a person who adores Victoria Secret in any ways - sexy,beauty and confident hence this blog shop provides the ladies out there with various sexy lingerie and beauty products to fulfill their wish to be beautiful and of course sexy!
I personally think what you wear inside will gives you the confident.

Why purchased from Sensual-Touche?

Normally we provide you the products that we actually tried before
and we think it is really really good.
Hence, we recommend it for you girls!
it is Safe.

Victoria secret and Rampage is a high-end lingerie brand and
most of it you have to spend RM200 over to purchase them.
that is include shipping and etc you know.
But at Sensual-Touche you can owned them at just a fraction of price.
-All lingerie is guarantee authentic and we provide real photos of the items

only certain sizes available..
Hence, do google for more information about cup size
as some sizes like 34B can actually fit in 32C and so on...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Launching on 09/09/09

To all babes out there!
Tweede-hands will be bringing in brand new lingerie
from renowned brands.
Aside from that, there are wide range of beauty products as well..

You don't wanna miss this! *promise*

*stay tune*

@ sensual-touche
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